Scholarship Golf Outing

Cancellation of the 2020 Annual Scholarship Golf Outing

To Career-Tech Center Scholarship Golf Outing Players and Sponsors:

As we prepare to begin the 2020-21 school year under the COVID-19 pandemic, it is with sadness and regret that we need to inform you that the decision has been made to cancel this year’s CTC Scholarship Golf Outing. This was not a decision that was made lightly or without consideration from multiple angles. These include:

Player and Volunteer Safety - We have a loyal following of players, many of whom would be considered in a higher risk category for COVID complications. With the recent increases of cases in our region, including at a local golf course, we feel that the safety of all players and volunteers is paramount.

Student Considerations - There is an overwhelming amount of planning, reporting, and safety protocol that is currently taking place that requires our full attention. Once school begins, this will be of greater importance.

Scholarship Funding - Clearly, we do this work to benefit our graduating seniors. We sincerely hope that your business or personal situation may allow you to continue your support of our students.  We intend to continue scholarships next spring, provided the funds are available. Please give thoughtful consideration as to your ability to continue support of our students.

The Unknown Factors - At this point, there are certainly limitations on events such as ours in terms of social distancing, required masks, and numbers of attendees.  Given the recent spike in COVID numbers, we do not anticipate restrictions being lessened prior to our scheduled outing date.

It is truly heartbreaking to consider our current national health crisis. Many of us have been directly impacted. Our first wish is for all of you to remain healthy and safe.  Secondly, please know how deeply we appreciate your past support and participation.  Without this event, we realize our scholarship funding may fall short of our goal, but this doesn’t necessarily need to be the case. If you are interested in continuing your support of Career-Tech Center students, please visit our website at, use this CTC Scholarship Golf Outing Eventbrite link,  or mail their donation, please use the following address:

TBAISD CTC Scholarship Fund
Attn: Patrick Lamb
880 Parsons Rd.
Traverse City, MI 49686  

We look forward to a better sense of security and safety for all of us.  When feasible and safe, we will be back on the course and enjoying it all-the-more. Thank you for your understanding and continued support of our programs and students.

Patrick G. Lamb 
Assistant Superintendent of CTE and Community Outreach