Evidence-Based Reporting/Grading

Evidence-Based Reporting (EBR) focuses on mastery of core standards. A student's grade will be based upon the body of evidence a student produces over time in relation to their level of proficiency in each of the program's major learning concepts. Students will be assigned a grade at the end of each semester in both their program and in the academic course(s) attached to the program-either math or English Language Arts or both. The academic component of each course also comprises 20% of a student’s final grade. Grades are reported to home schools which then report these grades on a student's official transcript.

Grades are determined in one of two ways: Evidence-Based Reporting (EBR) and traditional grading. Each program instructor's syllabus will detail the grading system, policies, and procedures to be used in assigning grades. All final grades, regardless of the system used, will be reported as a traditional letter grade and percentage.

Progress Reports:

Teachers will send progress reports home as soon a student is at risk of unsatisfactory progress or is in danger of earning less than a C grade in the course.

Grading Scale - EBR:

A   100% Exceeds Proficiency
A   95% Proficient
B   85% Approaching Proficiency
C   75% Developing Proficiency
I    55% Insufficient evidence to report a score at this time
F   0- 54% Failure to produce evidence

Grading Scale - Traditional:

A 94-100% C 73-76%
A- 90-93% C- 70-72%
B+ 87-89% D+ 67-69%
B 83-86% D 63-66%
B- 80-82% D- 60-62%
C+ 77-79% F 0-59%