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2021-2022 NTHS Inductees

Congratulations to the students on this list for their induction into National Technical Honor Society for the 2021-2022 school year!


Requirements for NTHS Membership

  1. Attend Career Tech for one full semester prior to applying for membership.
  2. Earn a 3 or 4 on the EBR scale for your Career Tech combined program and academic grade for the semester prior to joining. For Engineering Academy  students the average of all Engineering  classes is computed.
  3. Be recommended by your Career Tech teacher and a member of your home high school staff.
  4. No serious disciplinary referrals or suspensions from Career Tech or your home high school.

Applications for new members are being accepted through February 11, 2022. Admittance is based on the requirements above.

Students interested in joining should obtain an eligibility form from their program instructors.  The eligibility form should be submitted to Student Services and then students may complete the NTHS Application

How do I earn my NTHS honor cords?

  1. You must be a senior.
  2. You must have a 3 or 4 on the EBR scale for all semesters at Career Tech (real-time grade for Career Tech, simple average for Engineering Academy).
  3. You must have completed and logged a minimum of  10 community service hours per semester.
  4. No significant disciplinary issues.

National Technical Honor Society Induction Celebration 2021

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