Transition Campus School Improvement

Goal 1:

Students within SCI and SXI programs at the Adult Work Center will improve functional literacy and communication skills.

We will achieve this goal through the development and implementation of a Core Vocabulary Curriculum.  Teachers and speech therapists will be involved in developing a core vocabulary curriculum that helps students learn words that are frequently used in everyday communication.  

Goal 2:

The Adult Work Center will establish and implement well-defined Tier Two and Tier Three Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) programs. 

This will be achieved through the consistent work of our PBIS committee.  Over the past two years, the PBIS committee has worked to develop and establish a Tier One PBIS program.

  1. Tier One involves supports that are provided to all students that teach and reinforce positive behaviors across many settings. 
  2. Tier Two supports are typically provided to small groups of students or to individuals who require some additional supports. 
  3. Tier Three supports are for individuals who require intensive support to maintain positive behaviors. 

Goal 3:

Students will increase skills related to self-advocacy.

Building self-advocacy skills is a big part of our transition curriculum across our programs.  One way we will work on this goal is by collaborating to increase student involvement in the IEP process.       

Goal 4:

The Adult Work Center will establish and implement an effective parent communication and involvement program.

We want to improve our communication with you!  We will work to increase  communication to families through regular messages about activities at school and in the community, through parent information meetings where we will provide information about topics that support your student, and by improving the information we provide on our website.  We hope to increase family involvement in school activities such as our Parent Information Meetings, Field Day, and the Open House.

Other initiatives we are working on this year:

  • Implementation of the MOVE curriculum.
  • Increasing opportunities for students to be involved in work experiences in the community.
  • Involvement of a team of nine staff members in intensive training on supporting students with autism.
  • Implementation of new Reproductive Health Curriculum.