Grading & Academic Integration

Academic Integration

It is the mission of North Ed Career Tech to provide students with skills and educational experiences for employment and lifelong learning. To this end, students in our technical programs are provided with support in the areas of technical reading, writing, and mathematics; career preparation skills (resumes, letters of introduction, interviewing); technology and computer skills; and the development and presentation of portfolios.

The technical curriculum has been aligned to the Common Core State English Language Arts (ELA) and mathematics standards, national and state technical standards, the Michigan Career and Employability standards, and the Common Career Technical Core. Students will encounter a curriculum that is seamless, as all these standards are interwoven.

Highly qualified teachers in the areas of ELA and mathematics are assigned to technical programs and have developed curricula and work alongside the technical instructor to deliver instruction.

Evidence-Based Reporting

Evidence-Based Reporting (EBR) is a type of standards-based grading that focuses on mastery of core standards. A student's grade will be based upon the body of evidence a student produces over time in relation to their level of proficiency in each of the program's major concepts. Instructors in each program will identify the critical content of the curriculum and group them into “Big Ideas”.  Students will receive this information in the course syllabus.  Each Big Idea has a proficiency scale that clearly indicates the desired level of competency of the standards.  Student’s provide evidence of what they have learned in order to move up the proficiency scale.  The true purpose of EBR is to provide the student with a clear understanding of what they know and what they need to continue to work on to reach the learning target.  The student’s final grade is reflective of their learning rather than if they earned enough points to pass the class.

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Progress Reports:

Teachers will send progress reports home as soon a student is at risk of unsatisfactory progress or is in danger of earning less than a C grade in the course.

School Transcript Requests:

Former students attending schools served by Northwest Education Services (formerly Traverse Bay Area ISD), including career and technical education, should contact their home school district to request school records and transcripts.
Exceptions to this would be the following:

Traverse City College Preparatory Academy (Closed in 2014)
Contact: Cassie Fasel, 231.922.6228  |

Northwest Education Services Adult Education
Contact: Christy Nelson, 231.929.5055  |

TBA Cosmetology School (Closed in 2011)
Contact: Colleen Tennant, 231.922.6547  |