Special Education Curriculum & Instruction

TBAISD department of Special Education Curriculum and Instruction provides local districts and TBAISD center programs with targeted services and student supports to increase student achievement and prepare students with special needs for college, career, and community citizenship.

The department supports the improvements of special education programming, instructional delivery, research-based intervention implementation, and the use of assessments to drive instruction and intervention.

Services provided include:


  • Analysis of student achievement
  • Methodology and materials evaluation
  • Curriculum planning and development
  • Development of instructional guidelines
  • Coordination and delivery of regional targeted professional development
  • Special education Service Area targeted training
  • Curriculum consultation services for center-based special education programs and local school districts
  • Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)
  • On-site instructional coaching for special education teachers
  • TBAISD regional library of Research-based interventions for checkout
  • TBAISD regional library of Transition Curriculum & Resources for checkout
  • Large-scale curriculum implementations with materials, training, and on-site coaching to improve instructional delivery


  • Alternate & State Standards: (CCSS, EE for ELA and Math, SS for FI, EGLCEs & EHSCEs for Soc. Science)
  • State assessment & alternate assessments: MSTEP, MI-Access, SAT, ACT/MME
  • NOTE: Kent ISD SE Curriculum page has several of these links we can ‘grab’


LCE Overview

LCE Curriculum Matrix

Learning Goals & Scales

LCE Scales Template LCE Competency 11
LCE Competency 2 LCE Competency 12
LCE Competency 3 LCE Competency 13
LCE Competency 4 LCE Competency 14
LCE Competency 5 LCE Competency 15
LCE Competency 6 LCE Competency 16
LCE Competency 7 LCE Competency 17
LCE Competency 8 LCE Competency 18
LCE Competency 9 LCE Competency 19
LCE Competency 10 LCE Competency 20