Transition Services

"Transition is NOT about helping a student get a diploma; transition IS about helping a student gain skills to function independently in the adult world."   ~Deb Smith

Transition Services are provided to all students with disabilities in all schools in the five-county region served by Northwest Education Services. North Ed staff work with local districts to ensure every student begins transition planning at the age of 14. Transition services are defined as a "coordinated set of activities for a child with a disability that facilitates the child's movement from school to adult life and includes the development of skills in the areas of employment and adult living, daily living skills and community participation. Transition services are integrated activities and supports that, not only provide academic support, but also help students achieve the greatest degree of independence possible.

A variety of transition education opportunities are available through North Ed including research-based curriculum*, semester-long courses and center-based programs. These services are discussed with students, parents and guardians during IEP planning. North Ed Transition Campus offers services to meet the diverse needs of students with special needs age 16-26.

Go to Transition Campus for more information.

Northwest Education Services partners with community agencies such as Michigan Rehabilitation Services, Disability Network of Northern Michigan, and Michigan Works! to provide services and supports to students in all local districts and center-based programs within the region.

*Additional targeted supports are provided by North Ed Special Education Curriculum & Instructional Services.