Northwest Education Services supports the region through the following services:

Business Services-  The business department staff provides school districts with individualized and cost-effective, regional coordination of a multitude of services.
Linda Bielecki  -  Chief Financial Officer    231. 922.6211

Career and Technical Education-  Career Tech is a secondary career and technical education school that offers 21 occupational programs that prepare high school juniors and seniors for advancement to further postsecondary training, immediate job placement, or military service.
Patrick Lamb -   Assistant Superintendent of Career & Technical Education    231. 922.6260

Communication Services-  The communications arm of the intermediate school district works to provide media outreach, marketing materials and graphic design, writing, editing, and communication project support for the ISD and local school districts.
Ryan Jarvi -   Director of Communication    231. 922.6242

Early Childhood Services-  The early childhood department works with communities, schools and human service agencies to meet the needs of young children age birth to five.
Yvonne Donohoe McCool, Ed.D. -    Supervisor of Early Childhood Services    231.922.6476

General Education-  The department of Instructional Services offers a variety of programs and services designed to support student achievement, meet state and federal legislative mandates, and enrich school programs throughout the five-county service area.
Paul Bauer, Ed.D.  -  Director of Systems Improvement & Evaluation    231.922.6497
Ashley Troy -  Director of Teaching and Learning    231.922.6256

Human Resources- The human resource department has an open door policy to all current employees as well as those seeking employment at Northwest Education Services.
Emily Quinn -  Director of Human Resources    231.922.6200

Professional Development- Northwest Education Services responds to the professional development needs across the region through regional initiatives and individual district supports designed to build leadership and instructional best practice.
Matt Olson   - Assistant Superintendent of  Professional Learning & Innovation    231.922.6497

REMC 2 Central-   Northwest Education Services houses one of Michigan’s 22 Regional Education Media Centers (REMC) and services schools within 6 ISDs.
Brandi Reynolds -   Director of Technology    231.922.6280
Peter Milne -   Instructional Technologist    231.922.6210

Special Education- Special Education services, as mandated by Michigan state law, are available to individuals ages birth to 26.
Carol Greilick  -  Assistant Superintendent of Special Education    231.922.6228
Julie Gordon  -  General Supervision, Compliance, Technical Assistance    231.922.6233
MartyAnn Guiney  -  General Supervision, low-incidence staff, training, transportation logistics and school improvement  231.922.6470
Leigh Kennedy  -  Coordinator of Curriculum    231.922.6393

Service Area Supervisors

Amy Branco - 231.922.6466 (TCAPS)
Kristen Deering - 231.922.6474 (TCAPS)
Jennifer Morgenstern  -  231.922.6566 (TCAPS, Non-public schools)
Marc Wills  -  231.922.6467 (Northeast service area)
Mike Hartman  -  231.922.6485 (Forest Area, Kalkaska, Crawford, Kingsley)
Brooke Laurent  -  231.922.6462 (Southwest service area, Behavior services, ASD consultants)
Corianne Street  -  231.922.6444 (Northwest service area, Woodland, GTA)

Center-based Program Supervisors

John Breithaupt,  Transition Campus/Life Skills Center    231.922.6359
Sarah Olree, Interim Supervisor - ACE, Community Connection    231.922.6336
Lisa Klepper, New Campus School   231.922.6485
Riley Denison,  Programs for Cognitive Impairments    231.933.3563
Rebecca Goodwin,  Programs for Autism, ACE programs    231.933.8660

Technology Services-  Technology department technicians provide districts with technology support and cooperative services.
Brandi Reynolds - Director of Technology    231.922.6280