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Creekside School

North Ed Creekside School (formerly New Campus School) is a K-12 center-based program for students with emotional impairment or severe behavioral concern who require more controlled, structured environment in which to learn. This program combines academics, behavioral instruction, community-based education and group and individual counseling which contribute to the school’s high rate of students returning to their local school district.

PDF Document Annual Education Report - Creekside School (Posted 2/12/2024)

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Programs for Students with Emotional Impairments

Location: Creekside School (formerly New Campus School), 1100 Silver Drive, Traverse City, center-based

Grade Levels: Kindergarten-12th grade

Class Size: up to 10 students per classroom

Staffing: 1 teacher (with endorsement in teaching students with Emotional Impairments) and 1 teaching assistant per classroom

Focus: Creekside School provides a highly structured and supported learning environment focused on teaching and developing self-awareness, self-advocacy and self-regulation. With a heavy emphasis on teaching, practicing, and reinforcing the social-emotional competencies (as defined by the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning or CASEL), students are additionally supported by school social workers and/or school psychologists.

Curriculum: Students at Creekside School participate in the Michigan Academic Standards. Curriculum materials and routines in the areas of English language arts, math, science and social studies are similar to those utilized by member district schools. However, it should be noted that the pace of academic instruction is impacted by the prioritization of social skill instruction. At the middle school and high school grades, independent living and work skills are incorporated into the curriculum.


I am a

S - Safe

P - Productive

I - Independent

R - Respectful

I - Individual Learner

T - Team Member





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