School Improvement

Providing the best education we can to our students is our top priority.  At Northwest Education Services, we understand that to do this, we must continuously examine the results of our practices to determine areas for growth and development.  The school improvement process involves examining our data and reflecting on our practices, making a plan for growth, implementing the plan, and assessing the results of our plan.  This process occurs throughout the year each school year.  As part of the school improvement process, our teachers and therapists meet regularly to work on school improvement goals together.  All staff are involved in professional development activities to increase their skills and understanding of pedagogical strategies.  Here are some of the goals we are working on for school improvement this year:

  • We will vertically align (across grade levels) social skills and language arts curricula within our MOCI programs to ensure a comprehensive and connected curriculum aligned to state standards.   
  • We will increase communication with internal and external stakeholders by expanding information within our website.
  • We will establish a plan for systematic instruction of communication within our SXI programs.
  • We will build capacity of staff to implement our school-wide supports (MOVE, communication, sensory) by increasing visual supports throughout the school.