Behavior Data

Assessment data play an essential role in MTSS. Schools and districts use assessment data as part of a continuous improvement process.  In order to effectively implement an integrated Multi-Tiered System of Supports, information must be collected and used to continuously evaluate and improve the supports for students.

Student Assessments

Student Assessments are used to gather information about students' skills, behavior and performance for direct use in instructional planning and program evaluation.

  • Universal Assessment
  • Diagnostic Assessment
  • Progress Monitoring
  • Summative Assessment

SWIS - School Wide Information System

Fidelity Assessments

Fidelity assessments are used to measure the changes in staff behavior as schools implement MTSS.  Successful student outcomes may reinforce staff behavior while implementing and continuously improving MTSS.  However, changes in student behavior and academic performance may take time.  Checklists that are used to evaluate the items staff have accomplished may function as reinforcement for changes in adult behavior.  The items achieved on the checklist also serve to evaluate a school’s progress in the implementation process. 

PBIS Apps - Positive Behavior Intervention Supports

Capacity Assessments

Capacity assessments are used to gather information about the extent to which a district or ISD is creating a sustainable, durable system to support MTSS implementation.  This is achieved by applying the leadership, organizational environment and competency implementation drivers. 

NIRN - National Implementation Research Network