Getting local food into schools is important because it provides students with fresher, more nutrient dense foods, it supports the local food economy and is better for the environment.  Having local options in the cafeteria is an opportunity for students to learn about the way their food is grown and how food choices impact more than just themselves.  

As a part of the Comprehensive Farm to School Program we offer taste tests in the cafeteria or individual classrooms.  Taste tests are an opportunity for students to try a locally grown, seasonal produce item.  The students vote on the foods they sample and then we encourage the Food Service Director to incorporate the food item or dish onto their salad bar.  It is a great way for cafeteria staff to try out something new before introducing it to the salad bar. 

The Lunch Box recipe database, and pre-arranged menu cycles, contains many fresh ideas on how to cook “kitchen- and kids tested” meals.  The Lunch Box project offers hundreds of resources and tools easily adopted in any cafeteria. This phenomenal resource includes information on developing salad bar and breakfast programs, funding with grants, and webinars packed with great information.

The Lunch Box Recipe Database

The Lunch Box Menu Cycles Tool