Early College Programs

North Ed Early College is available in the

following Career Tech programs:


Gain hands-on experience in livestock animal husbandry projects, hydroponics, aquaculture, veterinary science, and natural resources such as Great Lakes ecology in the state-of-the-art Career Tech facility. Be part of cutting, planting, propagating and understanding the complexities of plant growth and care. Learn more

Auto Repair

This two-year program, based on the National Automotive Technician Education Foundation (NATEF), is designed to graduate entry-level technicians with a broad skills set, a solid foundation in electrical/electronics, and a general understanding of all automotive systems. Learn more

Business Careers

Gain experience and hands-on learning in accounting, business-related topics, day-to-day office duties, and Microsoft Office. Students select an area of concentration from high school accounting, general business or an early college pathway into college accounting. Learn more

Engineering Academy

Engineering Academy (formerly Manufacturing Technology Academy) has been providing STEM education since 1996,  before the term 'STEM' was coined! It is a state and national award-winning program offering rigorous classes with a focus on engineering, English, math, and science. Students earn a total of 8 academic and elective credits in this two-year program. Cross-curricular topics include 3D printing, basic construction and machining, computer-aided design, electrical, pneumatic systems, and statistics. A capstone project has students work in teams to design, build, and compete with robots at the National Robotics Challenge. This unique student culture is centered around problem-solving, critical thinking, and teamwork. Students apply for admission into the program. Learn more

Graphic Arts

Explore the print and design industry through drawing, typography, photography, graphic design, illustration, and animation. Learn marketable skills in a studio setting that includes a Mac lab running the Adobe Creative Suite, and a print lab that provides hands-on workspace to generate products like t-shirts and stickers. An emphasis is placed on the design process, concept development, and critique to create a portfolio for a career in commercial arts. Students have an opportunity to earn an Associate of Applied Science in Visual Communication from NMC through the North Ed Early College program. Learn more

Health Sciences

Gain a strong foundation in the health sciences while learning and practicing skills that prepare you for a career that promotes health and wellness, treats injuries and provides care. Students will be introduced to basic knowledge, skills, and values necessary to perform effectively in the healthcare workplace. Learn more

Information Technology

The rapid growth of technology continually changes the way people work, live and play. Gain experience and active learning in a career that will grow as the internet, e-commerce and software development continue to expand for years to come. Learn more

Precision Machining

A one- or two-year program, students gain experience and active learning in the machine tool industry. Manufacturing is on the uptick and the technical knowledge gained in this course of study will prove valuable to any individual seeking employment in the field. Learn more

Public Safety

The Public Safety program helps students gain experience and active learning in careers that positively impact the safety and security of others. Learn more

Robotics & Automation

Explore mechanical and electrical concepts that you find in the automated manufacturing field. Active learning occurs in the shop with hands-on projects, exploration of 3D-modeling and basic programming skills which will prepare students for college or workforce entry. Learn more

Teacher Academy

Experience all aspects of being a teacher while remaining in your home school. As a Teacher Academy student,  you will gain experience working with different student age groups and subject matter all while under the guidance of a mentor teacher. Learn more


Gain the practical experience and instruction in the set-up and use of equipment and processes common to the welding trade. Fundamentals of welding layout, fabrication and repair are at the start of what can lead to American Welding Society (AWS) welder certification. Learn more

Writers Studio

Students who crave the written word thrive in Writers Studio as they develop creative and professional writing skills that will be helpful in any career. Various writing styles will be taught and practiced, with lessons by professional writers. Students will have opportunities to publish, perform, and produce in an environment of supportive peers. Learn more